Sanischare camp partly damaged by fire; battle to control it on

Hours after the fire destroyed Gopdhap camp, another fire engulfed Sanischare refugee camp today  at 2.00 local time.

The fire that broke out from Sector B from a gas cylinder has burnt down Sector B, C and A5. Only last four units at the southern side were spared. A ration store has been completely destroyed, former camp secretary Pratap Subba said over phone.

According to him, over 250 huts have been burnt down. At the time of filing this report, fire engines, locals and exiled Bhutanese  have brought the fire under control. Two children are reported to have injured.

Our correspondent Jeetan Subba said, fire engines arrived at the fire area at 3:40 local time.

Details to follow


  1. Y is every painful moment is happining to our people. The war crisis in Egypt, and other middle east countries, Tsunami in the land of Japan. And Once again a massive fire in the refugee camps. I never had forgetten the fire of march 2008 in Goldhap camps. Again in the same month of 2011..This is really sorrowful. Y is this happening…?? Lets pray that let there not be any destruction in the life of every innocent people….Pray! pray! pray!

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