Teej observed in MN

The Bhutanese Community Organization of Minnesota (BCOM) observed the Haritalika Teej today in Lauradaul City wall amidst a special function .

According to the organizer, the program was attended by more than 150 people. Participants danced to the rhythm of teej songs played on a CD player.

Two Bhutanese women, who posed to camera, smiles while other community folks rocked the floor in MN in background. Photo courtesy/Sila Dahal's facebook page.
One of the board members highlighted on the importance of the cultural and tradition aspect of teej celebration with a view to inform and keep the children and youths in contact with the culture. The community also recognized five high school graduates out of 10 graduates who completed their high school degree this year with khada.
Chairman of the BCOM also congratulated the graduates for their accomplishment and wished them the very best on their future endeavors.
Meanwhile, other founder members and well wishers were remembered and thanked even though they could not make it to the program. The founding members of Nirvana Center, who were present in the meeting: Dr Chabilal Sharma, Mangala Sharma and David Stamp were recognized for their tremendous contribution in bring the organization to the present stage. They were honored with khada.

Finally, the 501(c)3 status of the Nirvana Center was announced by the board members. They also reiterated the promise that they would do whatever was possible in their power to help the community grow as a vibrant community in the area.

Reported by Arjun Pradhan for BNS.


  1. Why just bahuni’s pictures only, is the teej only for bahuni. please try to be flexible and involve all kind of people. have a great teej to all bhutanese.

  2. It is a nice step to a cultural harmony, integration and inheritance among the Bhutanese across the globe.

  3. Shambhu…..wats up bro…you remind me of one popular nepali poem….I forgot who wrote it but it goes like this…. A man teaches a parrot to say god’s name in good sake for whatever circumstances…once it happened that the parrot got in trouble and usual “tyak tyak” came out….you got the point dude..

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