Murder-accused Sah arrested; situation normalizes in Beldangi

Beldangi-II and Extension, which remained tensed for a few hours this evening, have turned into normal situation following intervention from Nepal Police and camp-based Armed Police Force (APF), Friday.

“The situation has become normal after we intervened and dispersed the crowd,” APF Inspector Baburam Poudel told Bhutan News Service.

File photo : Security check in front of Armed Police Force office in Beldangi-II Extension

Tension escalated in Beldangi camps when hundreds of exiled Bhutanese picketed the APF office earlier this evening following what was then described as a ‘suicide’ of a ninth grade student of Beldangi-II Extension.

Residents of camp found Tek Bahadur Basnet, 14, of sector D-1, hut number 34 hanging in branch of a tree near by the camp, but in a suspicious condition.

In connection with the murder-suspected suicide, APF arrested 27-year-ol Ajay Sah, a resident of Damak Municipality and owner of a grocery shop where late Basnet was doing a part-time job.

“We have handed over Sah to Damak Police Station for further investigation,” added Inspector Poudel adding,” The dead body has been sent for postmortem.”

Eyewitness said Nepal Police and APF fired dozens of tear gas shells and rounds of blank fires to bring the situation under control. Exiled youths pelted stones at the base camp and even vandalized some shops, including the one owned by the accused Sah, in local Bangey Bazaar.

The exiled Bhutanese have suspected that the boy was killed as spots of blood were noticed in various parts of the body including his legs.

However, Inspector Poudel said it could be just an accusation from the refugee community. “We are yet to investigate if the case was a murder or suicide unless we get the medical report.”

According to informal claims of some relatives of the deceased, Sah had physically assaulted the boy a few days back and even confisticated some of his personal belongings. However, BNS was unable to reach the Basnet family immediately for verification.

Late Basnet was a student of Tri-Ratna Secondary School of Beldangi-II camp.

(With inputs from reporters in Beldangi camps)


  1. ”According to informal claims of some relatives of the deceased, Sah had physically assaulted the boy a few days back and even confisticated some of his personal belongings.”

    This is enough to prove that Sah is the murderer of the innocent boy.

  2. Rape, intimidation, assault, murder and killing is being developed as a culture of People there. All Bhutanese are being neglected as treated like a street dog. we have bitter past experiences where our people were killed in a suspicious way. For example, one resident from beldang 2 was hit by wooden plank and pelted stones on him nearly 6 yrs back and died 3 days later. No body intended to listen his family. similarly, Gopal khadka, one small child from pathri camps were inhumanly murdered. One 9 yrs old child from Beldangi three was killed in ranghari when he was collecting tree leaves for cooking. Narapati, a 14 yrs and purna tamang 22, old boys were fired bullet on chest and killed by Nepali police and still not compensated. These are only a few examples that our people have been facing and tolerating. Again, the saddest news came where 14 yr old boy was hanged.
    The police have said the case will be investigated referencing postmortem report, but no doubt there will be conspiracy. who can trust that report where money matters rather that humanity. It is a prime time for the people around and Nepal govt not to consider this situation same like before. We were treated like people from next planet and still same happens that we will start to treat same way. This is the another part of hide and seek game.
    WE strongly condemned the actions taken and urge the the govt to brought the culprit on the justice where reality,feeling and sentiments are value rather that cash and cheque.
    May his soul remain rest in Peace. May we remain true to his goal.

  3. Continue to follow up the investigation process on Sah,, because Police can release him for money too.

  4. I message to Bhutanese Refugee those who are now living in huts,If you like to life secure and peaceful life please think once to leave the the camp.Many young will kill like same in coming days too.

  5. Everyone know that, Nepal police are really dis-justice for poor people, so, it’s better to investigate continuously until the facts find out.

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