Veteran singer Subba performs in Charlotte

November 7, 2016 Editor 0

Veteran singer Pratap Subba, who was here in Charlotte Sunday, joined various Bhutanese, Nepalese and Indian artists, and presented some of his legendary songs in a musical event organized by Who Cares International. During the […]


Interview with Om Dhungel

April 15, 2016 Editor 0

Om Dhungel, who was awarded with the prestigious NSW Premier’s Lifetime Community Service Award for his outstanding work with the Australian Bhutanese community, has been living in Sydney, Australia for the past eighteen years. Dhungel […]


‘मारुतिनन्दन’ नेपाली पंचांगको दोश्रो अंक प्रकाशित

December 22, 2015 Editor 0

अमेरिका र क्यानाडाको स्थानीय समयमा नै तिथि मिति तथा ग्रह नक्षत्र हेर्न सजिलो हुने गरि मारुतिनन्दन नेपाली पन्चांगको दोस्रो संस्करण दिसम्बरको पहिलो साता प्रकाशित भएको छ | ज्योतिष अनुसन्धान तथा परामर्श केन्द्रले उक्त पन्चांग गत साल […]

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Cairns Bhutanese took part in Cairns Festival

August 30, 2015 Editor 0

Several resettled Bhutanese representing the Cairns Bhutanese Community (CBC) participated in the Cairns Festival, a multicultural event being organized since 1961 in Cairns, Australia. According to CBC, dozens of youths, children and elderly citizens on […]


Road to College Project – Series II

August 27, 2015 Editor 0

Launched in August 2015, 

Back to College is one of the projects of Bhutan Media Society (BMS), designed and aimed to encourage resettled former Bhutanese refugees in the Diaspora to achieve higher/college education. BMS shall […]

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Road to College

Road to College Project – Series I

August 4, 2015 Editor 0

In this series, a former Bhutanese refugee currently living in Texas, Mr. Tika Acharya, 19, who is a recipient of The Gates Millennium Scholarship chronicles how he received it […]