A Humanitarian Issue

February 17, 2017 Editor 0

By Tilak Niroula, New Hampshire  Having resigned to their fate as refugees in limbo for over two decades, 104,000 of the displaced Bhutanese have finally been resettled in eight countries. While the larger chunk—more than […]


This is why I am voting

September 29, 2016 Editor 0

These days, Bhutan calls itself a democratic country. The prime minister of Bhutan recently wrote a letter to a U.S. Senator claiming that we never belonged to that land, and that we should not be called ‘Bhutanese’. […]


Bhutanese Refugee Camps- Retrospection

September 7, 2015 Editor 1

  It was during the early days of 1991 majority of Bhutanese have no or very less  idea of the existence of an UN organization UNHCR, a humanitarian body of United Nations that takes care of […]

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All eyes on OBCA Convention !

June 13, 2015 Editor 0

With ABA (Association of Bhutanese in America) still nowhere and seemingly in deep slumber despite much hue and cry from some quarters of our community, it is OBCA (Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America) that […]

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Some mites under the sheet of resettlement

January 12, 2015 Editor 0

Rom Bista, Nashville, TN Gradually and steadily, a notable headway in the lives of Bhutanese in America, after resettlement, has been witnessed without much brainstorm. Obviously, during the initial phase of transition each family, educated […]

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Finally becoming citizens – REPRODUCTION

January 6, 2015 admin 0

The personal and political implications of third-country resettlement and naturalisation for Bhutan’s refugees. Khem Khadka was only seven when his entire family was evicted from Bhutan in 1991. His family’s eviction, along with that of […]