Bhutanese in UK announce association

After a series of meetings, resettled Bhutanese in the UK have reached to a decision and declare the launching of Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK.

Refugee Action, the resettling agency and the Gateway Programme helped the Bhutanese refugees in the UK to facilitate meetings and streamline the need of a community organization.

After several rounds of meetings, objectives have been set and a constitution is adopted.

An interim committee of eight members from the resettled Bhutanese is constituted headed by Prem Giri as its Chairperson, KN Pokhrel as treasurer and Amit Budathoki as its Secretary. A student of Charter Accountancy (ACCA) in the Manchester Metropolitian University, UK, Giri is a resettled refugee from Beldangi II Extension.

As informed by the committee, the Association is entrusted with the responsibility of organizing the forthcoming Dasai festival and conduct General Election in the nearest possible time frame.

“It took us months together to reach to this stage. We thank the Refugee Action and Gateway Programme for their continuous support and guidance in streamlining our community organization,” said Giri.

It is also informed that Refugee Action has expressed its willingness to work in partnership with the Association in resettling new Bhutanese refugees in the UK and in meeting the service needs of the resettled Bhutanese in this country.

With inputs from Durga Giri from UK.


  1. Great Work, Congratulation to the entire team! Hope Mr. Prem and his team would not leave any stone unturn in delivering service to the people in UK that would contribute to the welfare of all the Bhutanese around the globe.

  2. Congratulation , Prem . I believe u will make a good chairman and also would like to congratulate all in the team. Team work is the most important element in an organization and hope you guys would not give a chance.

  3. Good work is always applauded. Bravo! to the Bhutanese Welfare Association in UK. Like to hear more effective work in future. Never let it down. It’s the beginning, the team work can overcome even the big hurdle. Hope the association will flourish in Mr. Giri’s chairmanship. Good luck!!!

  4. Lets see what the chairman will do for the people in the uk.My dear all respectable I am here in the uk but also I don’t know who forms organisation and chairman but I know we r going to celebrate dashara festible.This more than 90% of the people deny this and in search of safe and trustful organisation.See these refined minds enjoy in totally new and trustful organisation in uk.

  5. My dear all Giri, he himself became the chairman of Bhutanese Welfare Association.Dear all who trust him. Everybody hate him.He himself wants to be a superiour to all.

  6. Congratulation to the entire team for the good beginning. Hope Bhutanese welfare association in UK could work independently for the aspiration and support of Bhutanese in UK and Bhutanese around the globe.
    Good team work and good understanding among the community members could work efficiently for the mass. Good luck Mr.Giri and heighten the association during your chairmanship.

  7. congratulation prem bhai
    i know you can lead the community here in UK and in the process make ways to move on inspite of difficulties that you may face in the process

  8. The formation of this so called association is a complete farce.this should explain the rest. all the best though,………..

  9. Prem ji, K.N. ji and Amit ji

    Congratulation. Based on the twin principle of self help and co-operation, let’s make the celebration of Dasain festival a grand success but not in the name of so called association.

  10. Dear Bhutanese resident in UK.By the above comments, it seems there is some chaos going on there. one of the comments says”lets see what the chairman will do for UK”. How it comes? For Ur kind information its not the chairman who solely does for the organisation.people should have the mind of self profit who says this and doesn’t want to see the progress in Bhutanese Community living in U.K.Middle Finger for those who keeps stared eyes and jealousy on someones uplift.

  11. No one in this planet has ability to do his best reside the company of others. It seems some people needs to be on that team.MINE TOO MIDDLE FINGER TO THOSE WHO ARE AGAINST MAJORITY.WHATS GOING ON U>K GOD KNOWS.HOPE U ALL GUYS WILL DO BEST. And i think now, all Nepalese in the world cannot be united.AND ARE IN SELF PROFIT.

  12. I would like to congratulate all the core member of Bhutanese welfare Association.I think it is better to show what we want to do rather than to show what we expect from other.I am so glad to know that our members are working hard to highlight the progress of our people(us) in uk.Anyway I would be greatly appreciate if we be unite and honest to all.

  13. Dear all,
    The above comment from prem “Tanks,everybody for your comment”is not by Prem Giri refered in the news.I would like to remind, whoever has done this by using other’s name and e-mail ID in the media is illegal. This is not acceptable.So sorry for the confusion to the readers.

    However, I would like to thank everyone for positive comments on the formation of BHUTANESE WELFARE ASSOCIATION IN THE UK.

    By Prem Giri,
    Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK

  14. Hi, all my respectable. I have gone through all the comments and found some of the comments are base on personal differences. so, please if anybody is having personal ego with Prime Ji deal personally do not include on the name of organisation and have a cooperative mind to celebrate our Dashain festival.

  15. Why this all comments are based on Chairperson, not on the other core team and rival? Does the chair person run the community solely? Giri is termed as a servant in above comment, imagine who you are being below the servant, my god!!!! no hierarchy below this(servant).

  16. Indeed its quite an inspirational and forward looking step taken by all of you but looking at the comments given for the article and childish personality projected by so called the president chosen for the group I feel sorry for long strayed people. Mr. Giri, please be matured and come out of the fist you have been in. It would be professional and leader like if you would act like a real leader rather than just trying to defend your weakness. For how long can you cover your face for upholding some body’s ego??? I seriously doubt about your potential to guide the community should you continue to act this childish way. A real leader would have always tried to unite rather than dividing which is unlike your philosophy of separation and ego. please put your good wisdom to think about what you have done and stop all your bakwas. you would make a better chair than a chair person!

  17. good initiative indeed. Hope you would make a genuine leader to guide the community and not for your dream come true name!

  18. Congratulation Bhutanese friends settled in the UK, It is the stepping stone you all have paved for community. Go ahead it is the way of life. Good luck.

  19. Dear Prem Daju,
    Our heartily congratulations to you.
    We wish you all the good luck you deserve to nuture Bhutanese Association in UK,so we can see it bloom…!
    We are with you.
    Diwaz Thapa

  20. Good Idea!!!
    “Unite we stand divide we fall.” Let’s deserve our self to accept the idea of standing. The idea of forming common plate form for the benefits of people are always applauded.

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