Accident involving Bhutanese in MA leaves one dead

An elderly woman has died after a Thursday night accident in which a sport utility vehicle, driven by a Bhutanese resettled in Worcester, MA, smashed through the front door of her Park Avenue house.

The Telegram & Gazette, a local news outlet in Worcester, quoted police as saying that Rosemary Turner, 83, of 182 Park Ave., died at UMass Memorial Medical Center — University Campus, just a couple of hours after the 2008 Nissan Pathfinder careened into her home.

The online further mentioned that a 53-year-old man standing in the doorway of the victim’s house suffered a broken ankle in the accident and was also taken to UMass Memorial. Police did not identify the injured man.

According to police, the driver, Hari Dhakal, 39, of Worcester, MA was not hurt. It is further reported that Turner was standing by the door with the male victim when the accident occurred. Police said the woman was pinned under the vehicle.

Police said Dhakal was traveling west on Institute Road about 8 p.m. when he crossed into the roadway’s intersection with Park Avenue; slammed over a traffic island, and into the house.   Investigators said that Dhakal told them that his brakes failed.

Police said the injured man had come to visit Turner and she was answering the door when the accident occurred. Police said alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the crash, but speed might be.

The Nissan was taken to Police Headquarters at Lincoln Square so the vehicle’s operational systems could be checked out.

An autopsy was scheduled for yesterday to determine the exact cause of Ms. Turner’s death. Officials said it took Fire Department personnel about 45 minutes to free the woman from the wreckage.

Mentioning the statement by witnesses, the Telegram & Gazette said that the Nissan was traveling at high speed down Institute Road when it failed to make the turn onto Park Avenue.

Despite repeated attempts, BNS could not confirm the details of the accident independently. BNS contacted some potential Bhutanese sources in Worcester, all of whom appeared unaware of the accident until the filing of this report.


  1. Very unfortunate for Mr. Hari Dhakal. I hope that he gets a fair verdict from the court. I pray for the deceased soul of Ms. Rosemary Turner and console her family members.
    Thanks, Rabi Ghimire

  2. Its very unfortunate to Mr.Dhakal.Let the soul of Ms. Turner get rested in Peace in the Heaven.

  3. Really unfortunate accident. May soul of deceased rest in peace in the heaven and console her family members and early recovery of another injured victim.Let the investigation team make fair judgement on the issue.

  4. Accident is really uncertain to everyone.Let the departed soul of Mrs Turner gets remined in peace in heaven.Lets pray to almighty to have fair judgement over his unfortunate troublesome.

  5. It is so sad to hear the bad news. Let the departed soul rest in peace. Hope to get fair justice to hari dhakal.

  6. Hari,
    The news is not a good one for all of us.It is very unfortunate you met with this bad accident.
    At this moment we feel for you and all those affected.
    May the departed soul rest in Peace.

  7. I am so sorry to hear such a news. I pray let Mrs Turner soul rest in peace in heaven.

  8. I am very sorry to know this very unfateful accident. I pray early recovery of wounded and may the departed soul of late Turner Rosemary rest in peace.All new drivers should learn to be caucious to avoid such accident in future

  9. I know, nobody is perfect in driving. Even the most experienced drivers make mistake sometime. However,the risk of accident can be controlled by being a safe driver.
    Nobody wish to create such an accident. It is the big loss of both the parties. I am so sorry to hear that Mrs Turner died because of the accident. Let her soul rest in peace in heaven. I also pray for Hariji to get a appreciable and fair verdict on his favor.

  10. I am really sad to hear this pathetic and heart breaking news. I pray the Almighty for Heavenly Abode of the departed soul of Rosemary. My sincere sympathy and condolance to the family of the deceased.I also hope that Mr. Dhakal will get fair hearing and very welcoming verdict from the court.
    This incidence is enough to make us aware and to be very careful while driving.

  11. It is really touchy news to hear. Hope Harijee will get the fair trail. It was not intentional.
    And our prayers to the deceased one.

  12. It is really sad to hear this type of news ,it makes us feel bad & sad….. Mr Hari is in a serious problem …….Let us join together and assist mr dhakal to get out of this tragic situation…

  13. Nobody knows where fate leads to. Accident is something sudden and traumatic. It is a very shocking and sad news about this accident. Let us all pray for the departed soul to gain eternal peace and injured to attain normality ASAP.Also let the bereaved family get strength to hold the irreparable loss.Let Hari Dhakal be given the best justice. All prayer for him and the parties in the accident.

  14. Hai it is very sad accident, unknowingly the accident will happen to everyone .Life is like that , so what to i wish and pray to god that the departure soul will get rest peacefully in heaven….god bless u …

  15. I’m deeply shocked and saddened to hear of the death of mrs turner. I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to her family and her relatives. Let the departed soul of Mrs Turner get rest in peace in haven.

  16. Obviously, sad news for me about Hari’s accident there. Hari being my teenage friend and classmate, I extend deep thought prayers for fair deal at the court and condolences to the bereaved family of Mrs. Turner. Let this be an example for other Bhutanese guys to see how we drive our vehicles.

  17. im very sorry to both of yu but my concern is that, turning and speed limit may be the possibility of accident not the break failed

  18. i’m really sad to hear the accident of Hari Dhakal.I pray to Almighty for his fair judgement in the court.May Mrs.Turnel’s departed soul rest in peace in heaven.

  19. It is very unfortunate and shocked to hear the sad demise of a woman.I pray for the departed soul rest peacefully in heaven and also pray to have fair judgement to Hari Dhakal’s uncertain-ed and unexpected break failure of car accident at Worcester, MA.

  20. It is very unfortunate and shocked to hear, i’m really sad to hear the accident of Hari Dhakal he is my mama and sad to know that he is in over speed.But i dontthink so “A person who always suggest other not to drive in speed ,how he can drive speed?I was shocked to know,this cant be the cause of accident. I pray to Almighty for his fair judgement in the court.May Mrs.Turnel’s departed soul rest in peace in heaven.

  21. Any time any accident is very unfortunate! we are very sorry to read about this accident. We pray to almighty for Mrs. tunnel’s departed soul to rest in peace in heaven. We hope for fair judjement in the cour for Mr. Hari too.

    Illinois Bhutanese Community

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